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Do your employees drag themselves into work? Is a smile a vague memory? If so, your employees’ morale may need a boost.

Low morale can lead to poor cooperation, low productivity and increased staff turnover – and ultimately hinder a business from reaching its goals. Since employee morale can quickly build or break a company’s success, effective leaders often keep a close eye on it and enlist simple and creative approaches to strengthen it. Here a few tactics to think about adapting for your business:


  1. Keep employees feeling their work is more than just a job.
    Everyone wants to feel that his or her work has a higher purpose.
  2. Take time to creatively celebrate accomplishments.
    It’s natural to focus on what’s ahead rather than reflect on how much has been achieved. Taking time to reflect, though, helps employees appreciate how much they have done.
  3. Grant time off to employees to pursue projects they are passionate about.
    Personal projects can provide an energizing break from regular responsibilities and can serve as a source of innovation for a company.
  4. Mix up the company’s usual way of doing things.
    Departing from the customary routine of meetings and cubicle life can go a long way toward building morale.
  5. Don’t forget to have fun.
    Organise days or evenings out for your staff and try to get everyone involved. People have varied tastes and interests, so maybe have a few smaller events rather than one big one.