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Ergonomic Training Courses

OFI provide ergonomic-focused injury prevention training courses and Ergonomic Champion training.

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I can honestly say that from the time the course was booked, through to completion, everything was plain sailing. A thoroughly professional service, and we would definitely use OFI again.

Alan KnightEvonik Membrane Extraction Technology Ltd

Ergonomic Awareness Training

Become an Ergonomic Champion and provide valuable guidance to your team, or enrol your delegates on an Ergonomic Awareness course and make a positive contribution to their wellbeing.

Our Ergonomic Awareness and Ergonomic Champion courses are designed to improve knowledge of ergonomic risks and associated musculoskeletal issues, and encourage a preventative approach and problem-solving culture within your organisation.

1 day Ergonomic Awareness course

The Ergonomic Awareness course is a 1 day direct-to-the-workforce practical training course. It is designed for your delegates and shop-floor employees.

Aim:  To gain a rounded understanding of practical ergonomic issues, risks and solutions.

Objectives: Improve your knowledge of musculoskeletal issues and risk. Encourage a problem solving approach. Encourage a cultural change to ergonomic issues within your organisation.

2 day Ergonomic Champions course

The Ergonomic Champions course is a 2 day practical and theoretical training course. It is designed for team leaders and manual handling supervisors.

Aim: To become an ergonomic champion who can impart their knowledge, experience and guidance on others.

Objectives: Improve your knowledge of musculoskeletal issues and risk. Encourage a problem solving approach. Enable champions to develop and deliver appropriate postural awareness. Provide knowledge and confidence to support your role on the Ergonomics Improvement Team. Gain confidence in using the ART tool and make suggestions.

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Instructor Course delegateLeonard Cheshire Disability

The training I received has given me both the skills and confidence to carry out training on the use of hoists and slide sheets within our care homes. I found the trainer to be knowledgeable, approachable and thorough – I would recommend the services of Osteopaths For Industry.

DelegateUniversity of Essex

It was expecting just another boring training course, but actually I was pleasantly surprised! – I actually really enjoyed the course and learnt a lot. Thanks!

Team LeaderEpping Forest College

Laurence did a fantastic job providing practical skills refresher training to my team. He also took the time to work through some of the specific issues I've been having. Would recommend for sure.

Refuse Handling TeamGuildford Borough Council

On-site practical manual handling skills training for my refuse collection team. The team were engaged and seemed to really take the training on board - great job.

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