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Manual Handling Training

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We offer a range of musculoskeletal injury prevention training and consultancy services for business, developed by osteopaths and physiotherapists. Whether you want to train your instructors or your workforce directly, either in-person, or online, OFI can help. We specialise in providing customised Manual Handling training courses for the UK’s workforce.

Our clinical expertise enables us to provide training that goes far beyond the level of training that is offered by generic Health & Safety companies. We have over 35 years experience delivering the highest quality Manual Handling Training to UK organisations, big and small, in all sectors.

Osteopaths For Industry is my preferred manual handling training provider. They are professional, with experienced instructors that work hard to make courses enjoyable and relevant. I'd strongly recommend OFI to anyone aiming to safeguard their employees, and provide the highest standard in manual handling training.

Health & Safety ManagerLondon Fire Brigade

Who is a Manual Handling Course for?

Employers have a legal obligation to protect the health and safety of their workforce.

This obligation requires an employer to provide their employees with suitable training in relation to the tasks that they are required to undertake. Our expert manual handling trainers will help you to achieve this.

Why is Manual Handling training important?

Manual handling injuries can have serious implications for both an employer and the person who has been injured.

Employers may have to bear substantial costs, through lost production, sickness absence, overtime & retraining to cover for the absent person, and potentially compensation payments.

The injured person may find that their ability to do their job is affected and there may be an impact on their lifestyle, leisure activities, ability to sleep and future job prospects.

Suitable manual handling training is likely to reduce the likelihood of Manual Handling injuries occurring, reduce the frequency that they occur, and reduce their severity.

The different areas of Manual Handling training we provide...

Manual Handling for Employees

Training for employees delivered at your own site, at one of our public venues, or online.

Manual Handling for Instructors

Training for new and established instructors delivered at your own site, at one of our public venues, or online.

Manual Handling Risk Assessment

Whether you want an OFI Trainer to conduct a Risk Assessment at your site, or train your own in-house Risk Assessors, our expert Manual Handling instructors can help.

Let OFI help you to prevent injury and protect performance!