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Online employee DSE Assessments

Our DSE Assessment Tool for home and office workers provides an efficient and cost-effective management system for DSE training, assessment, reporting, solutions advice & issue tracking.

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Our online tool assesses the needs of both office-based and home workers, whilst at the same time providing them with training and best-practice advice relating to their posture, workstation setup and surrounding environment.

Your managers have access to a robust risk-management dashboard and solution advice.


User Training
  • Narrated online videos.
  • Video subtitles available.
  • Interactive content, illustrated throughout.
  • Compliant with latest HSE recommendations.
  • Train while being assessed.
User Assessment
  • Comprehensive assessment with follow-up report.
  • Interactive self-help questions allow user resolution of some issues.
  • Multiple question formats.
  • User can re-take assessment at any time.
Manager Reports
  • Assessment reports direct to your email.
  • Easily find and sort user assessments.
  • Support for multiple sites/locations.
  • Data transparency with colour coded risk assessment.
Risk Resolution
  • Intelligent solution advice provided, in line with HSE guidelines.
  • Risk resolution recording.
  • User & manager involved in resolution process.
  • Professional support & advice from DSE experts available.

Our DSE Assessment Tool, created in partnership with our sister company Thrive4Life, can flag up areas of concern before they cause a problem, you are able to spot and head-off issues early and focus resources intelligently to improve the well-being of your workforce.

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