Manual Handling for Employees

Whether you want to train your workforce at your own site or at one of our public venues, our expert Manual Handling instructors can help.

OFI Manual Handling Instructor teaching lifting skillsWe’ve been providing manual handling training for 30 years now and during that time we have worked with almost every sector imaginable, from the airline industry, to haulage transportation by road and by rail, shipping, warehousing and logistics, construction, manufacturing, education and office environments.

All of our Manual Handling Training courses are customised to suit your organisations specific working environment, and the manual handling activities that you conduct. Our experts first review your current Manual Handling Risk Assessments and Manual Handling Policy and then develop a specific course to train your colleagues in the most effective way possible.

This method of providing customised Manual Handling Training at your site, combined with the clinical expertise that underpins the training content, make our courses the most effective at reducing injuries.

Our in-person Direct-to-the-Workforce Manual Handling Courses…

Our training portfolio includes an extensive range of manual handling practical skills and risk assessment training courses. Below are our most popular ‘in person’ training courses for your employees (we also provide a range of online courses). We can tailor the duration and content of courses to meet your exact requirements.

Manual Handling 'Direct to the Workforce' Practical Skills training (2 or 3 hours)
Overview of course content:

The course focuses particularly on developing delegates’ practical techniques; therefore the emphasis is on practical application. During the course delegates will be taught step-by-step techniques for safe lifting and manual handling. Areas covered include effective and safe lifting and lowering, ‘power to your legs’, ‘strength at the core’,  instinct vs. conditioned movement, pushing and pulling, team lifting and dealing with awkward loads.

Time is set-aside at the end to consolidate what has been taught during the training. Certificates are issued to delegates on the successful completion of the course.

Course objectives:
  • To introduce the responsibilities of employers and employees under the Manual Handling Regulations.
  • To provide delegates with a basic understanding of functional anatomy, cumulative strain and the causes of back pain.
  • To provide a step-by-step guide to dynamic manual handling techniques, with practical demonstration and delegate participation.
  • To explain and provide practical opportunity for the delegates to practice the dynamic handling technique in relation to: pushing and pulling, team lifting and the management of awkward loads.
  • To introduce simple ways of helping musculoskeletal fitness with self-help stretching and strengthening exercises.
Price and availability:

This course can be scheduled at any time for groups of 3 or more, subject to availability of our trainers. Please contact us for a tailored quotation, specific to your training requirements.

Our 2-hour course is ideal for smaller groups of up to 8 delegates.
Our 3-hour course is better suited for groups of up to 12 delegates.

Your employees will be fully supported throughout their certification period with the following free services:

Construction site worker
Expert Help & Advice

Your colleagues have quick access to our experts for advice on any Manual Handling issues they may have. We ensure that queries are answered within a maximum of 24 hours. Queries are submitted by email initially and one of our experts will call back to discuss the issue and help to resolve the problem.

Sample Manual Handling course notes front cover
Detailed Course Notes

Our Course Notes provide you with a detailed resource to reference at any time after the course.

We are able to fully customise these to bring them in line with your corporate branding, including logos and pictures from your work sites, and to alter the content of the course notes to suit your working practices, processes and equipment in use.

Sample Manual Handling Toolkit Booklets from OFI
Free Lifting Advice Cards

We can provide several cards for each delegate free of charge. If a larger amount was required then these can be ordered, along with other support products that we provide.

Health & Safety Executive Material

We also provide several relevant documents from the HSE relating to Manual Handling, such as the MAC Tool and information on Manual Handling Aids.

Online Manual Handling Tutorials

Your organisation will have free access to some of our online training tutorials and educational videos, featuring our expert trainers and qualified Osteopaths. The videos cover topics such as Spinal Anatomy, Cumulative Strain and generalist Lifting & Handling best-practice advice and tutorials.


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