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Technology continues to evolve and become an integral part of our daily lives at a frightening pace.

The Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Regulations and Guidance from the HSE offers help and advice for the Display Screen Equipment user, sat at a desk working on a computer and keyboard; however what about our activity in relation to the myriad of other electronic work tools, phones and gadgets that we use every day?


How is this rapidly changing way in which we connect to the world around us affecting our musculoskeletal health?

OFI has seen a significant increase in musculoskeletal conditions associated with excessive or improper use of mobile technology. There is now a plethora of devices in common use at work and at home as desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones connect us and enable us to meet the demands and rigours of modern life.

Businesswoman with neck or shoulder pain

Typical conditions include repetitive strain injuries (overuse) and excess muscle tension (through constantly using a muscle group in one position) leading to pain and loss of function. The main areas of the body that can be affected are the arms, neck, upper and lower back and shoulders although users can also get problems with their legs, from sitting in awkward positions.


Take a break and let your eyes and muscles rest

Wherever you find yourself using your laptop, tablet or other favourite mobile device, try and develop the habit of maintaining good posture and taking a regular mini-break from your screen and activity. Our muscles and joints were built for movement and they don’t take kindly to being held in long static postures or being forced to carry out awkward repetitive movements. Have a break at least once every 20 minutes and give your eyes and muscle a chance to rest.

Road sign with the caption "Take A Break"


Introducing the Online Display Screen Equipment Assessment Tool

Musculoskeletal experts at OFI have developed an Online Display Screen Equipment Assessment Tool in accordance with government Health & Safety Executive DSE regulation guidelines, providing clear easy-to-use DSE assessment tool. You can enjoy a free trial here.