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Who Am I?

My name is Stephen Kane, and I’m a Manual Handling Trainer and People Moving People Trainer for OFI. I’ve been working with OFI since October 2023.

My Professional Background

As a physiotherapist, my journey began with a degree in Sports and Exercise Science, during which I delved into biomechanics and rehabilitation. My fascination with the intricate science of movement led me to pursue a Master’s degree in Physiotherapy. Alongside my studies, I earned a Diploma in Sports Massage, which deepened my understanding of anatomy. This educational trajectory laid the foundation for my passion for orthopaedic rehabilitation, spanning sports injuries, traumatic impacts, and every day strains.

Becoming a manual handling/people moving people trainer aligned seamlessly with my interests. This role allows me to traverse diverse industries, imparting knowledge to keep individuals safe through education on health, safe movement practices, and the intricacies of the human body.

My specialisation lies in orthopaedic rehabilitation, from collaborating with high-level athletes to addressing day-to-day strains and sprains.

A Day in My Life as a Trainer for OFI would see me...

During a training day, I find myself crisscrossing the country, visiting workplaces ranging from grocery stores to hospitals. My focus is on delivering Manual Handling and People Moving People training, ensuring that individuals understand the importance of safe practices tailored to their specific industries.

The best thing about my job is...

The most rewarding aspect of my role at OFI is the opportunity to meet new people and understand the unique challenges various industries face. Collaboratively, we work towards overcoming these challenges, creating a culture of safety and well-being.

Outside of OFI...

Beyond the professional realm, I find joy in playing football, strumming my guitar, and embracing the thrill of cold-water activities. Liverpool serves as my backdrop for regular live music performances in diverse venues.

My approach and commitment to your company’s training needs:

My priority lies in tailoring training courses to meet the unique needs of each industry. I am committed to cultivating a culture of safety, providing practical insights, and ensuring that individuals not only understand the importance of safe practices but also integrate them seamlessly into their daily routines.