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Who Am I?

My name is Robbie Smith. I’m an osteopath based in Edinburgh, and I joined OFI in 2022.

My Professional Background

I had no impressive or emotional journey into osteopathy. I simply looked through the UCAS book to see which would be the most fun thing to do with my life! This was 20 years ago – I qualified from the BCNO in 2003.

Becoming a manual handling/people moving trainer was, again, nothing impressive, just an opportunity to diversify. I’m interested in it because much of my time in my clinic is spent discovering and educating people about the things in their lifestyle stories which have led them to have the condition they have. Workplace behaviour is often a significant factor in the development of the conditions I see, so getting into the workplace and educating at the coal face seemed a natural progression!

I have a particular interest in the legislation surrounding MHT and PHT and how easily it can be interpreted one way or another for differing benefits.

A Day in My Life as a Trainer for OFI would see me...

I spend 1 or 2 days a week on average delivering training all over Scotland in a wide range of facilities, from care homes to funeral parlours, multinational corporations, and small independent businesses.

The best thing about my job is...

Turning what is traditionally thought of as a boring and mundane necessity into something which has practical use across all aspects of life.

My most rewarding moment at OFI:

One memorable encounter whilst delivering MHT was when I asked at the end of the course if anyone had any specific issues with their job or life that we could look at. One attendee said he struggled to tie his right shoelace. So, I observed his movement and immediately recognised the problem. Using the principles of manual handling and biomechanics, I managed to alter his movement instantly so he could reach his shoelace and tie it with no effort!

Outside of OFI...

I’m mostly a jack of all trades and enjoy a vast array of pastimes, but I mainly enjoy spending my time playing with my 2 boys.

My approach and commitment to your company’s training needs:

My priority is getting attendees engaged in the learning.