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Who Am I?

I’m Lee Sherwood, a Patient/Manual Handling Trainer and Consultant.

My Professional Background

A long time ago, I wanted to be a nurse and work in healthcare, specifically in the emergency department. As it often does with dreams and ideas, life gets in the way, and it wasn’t possible.

Just under 10 years ago, I got a job with a company that supplied specialist patient-handling equipment for bariatric or plus-sized users. That company trained me to be a bariatric handling specialist. My role over the years increased until I was handling more and more complex patients nationally and handling many different types of situations, from evacuation to writing care plans in both the acute and community environments.

Eventually, I led the training for all staff and created a complete CPD-certified training programme to ‘train the trainer’ and new staff. I have also been directly involved in researching and developing patient-handling equipment for bariatric patients.

I have been lucky to travel the world and have hosted training in Germany and Australia regarding the care of bariatric patients.

A Day in My Life as a Trainer for OFI would see me...

I will be working with all staff at many levels that require training on patient handling or advice. I also enjoy the ‘train the trainer’ work as it is more detail-oriented.

The best thing about my job is...

It is great to get that ‘Aha!’ moment when you teach someone something they didn’t know, or they realise how a technique can change the way they work for the better. I have found this is usually about how to best use equipment or the way that a small change to your stance can impact your musculoskeletal health and wellbeing.

My most rewarding moment at OFI:

Honestly, it was getting 5-star or excellent reviews on the first ‘train the trainer’ course I carried out for OFI! It sets a high benchmark and one that I wish to continue with.

Outside of OFI...

I live on the beautiful south coast, so I enjoy getting outdoors as much as possible. Occasionally, I’m out with a kayak or falling in the sea on a paddle board. Camping trips also form a big part of holidays across the year.

My approach and commitment to your company’s training needs:

When it comes to patient handling training, I really like to focus on a practical approach and one that centres on what the client actually needs so that we are best able to support the staff. Often, training is rigid and focuses on a small syllabus. In my experience, we need to focus on what’s actually happening so that we are able to have the greatest impact. This approach also really helps with engaging those attending the training.