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Who Am I?

I’m Erin, and I moved to London in October 2023 to start my role as a Technical Training Advisor at Osteopaths For Industry. I am also on my way to becoming one of OFI’s manual handling instructors.

My Professional Background

Growing up, I was involved in various sports such as basketball, AFL, and running, but my real love lies in snow sports. Learning to ski before walking and picking up snowboarding a couple of years later obviously resulted in numerous injuries, sparking my interest in health and injury management. Completing my master’s project in paediatric health and working as a Pilates instructor cultivated a particular focus on paediatric and pre/post-natal osteopathy.

My Role at OFI:

My role involves carefully tailoring and delivering courses designed to meet each company’s specific needs, working collaboratively with our clients in order to do so. This approach covers a variety of courses, including manual handling, people moving and handling, DSE (Display Screen Equipment) assessments, and specialised ergonomic courses. Through this personalised framework, I aim to ensure that each client receives a bespoke training experience that not only addresses their immediate requirements but also promotes a proactive and sustainable approach towards workplace health and safety.

The best thing about my job is...

From my experience in private practice, I frequently encountered the aftermath of inadequate manual handling or improper ergonomic/DSE set-ups. A significant aspect of assisting individuals in enhancing their wellbeing, and perhaps the most fulfilling part of my role, involved patient education. Now, I have the opportunity to continue educating, but in a proactive capacity, focusing on prevention.

Outside of OFI...

I relocated here not only to explore new professional opportunities but also to travel as much as I can. Residing in London allows me to explore the United Kingdom and Europe – something slightly more achievable than when I was based in Melbourne! I enjoy fitness and music, spending my weekends at gigs, and exploring England’s beautiful countryside, either hiking, riding, or running.

My approach and commitment to your company’s training needs:

Having the experience of working in the office and being out on the road, with the addition of my osteopathy background, affords me a nuanced understanding of your unique requirements. This allows us to create a high-quality course that meets your needs.