Educational Wellbeing Talks and Webinars

Educational wellbeing talks and webinars on a variety of subjects relating to health, wellbeing, nutrition and mental health. Our professional speakers are specialist in delivering health and wellbeing talks.

Talk subjects that we cover:

Webinar presented by Honorary Clinical Associate Professor, Colin Hamilton-Davies, University College London:
  • Looking after your health in COVID times
  • Supporting your body’s natural defences against viruses
Wellbeing Webinars presented by Thrive4life’s Director of Mental Health Training, Damon Peterson:
  • Introduction to Mental Health Awareness for all staff
  • Introduction to Managing Mental Health in the Workplace for Line Managers
  • Introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness
Wellbeing Webinars presented by Thrive4life Health & Wellbeing Specialist, Chiedu Hing:
  • How to Achieve a Good Work/Life Balance
  • How to Optimise your Sleep
  • Looking after your emotional and physical wellbeing
Wellbeing Webinars presented by Thrive4Life lead nutritionist, Marcelle Dubruel:

Energy, stress, wellbeing topics:

  • Optimum Nutrition – Anxiety and Stress Resilience
  • Optimising your Energy and Resilience through Good Nutrition
  • Optimum Nutrition for your Immune System
  • Mindset and Good Mood Foods
  • Mental Health and Brain Nutrition

Weight Management topics:

  • Be a Healthy Weight for you
  • Turn your skinny gene on!
  • Happy Hormones Happy Weight
  • Dynamic Digestion – Eat to be Slim
  • Optimum Nutrition and Mindset for Healthy Weight Management

Seasonal Nutritional Topics:

  • Autumn Re-Set – Change up your eating habits
  • Winter Wellness – Support and boost your immune system
  • Spring cleanse – Dietary and nutritional advice
  • Summer Shape Up – Top tips for shaping up for summer
Musculoskeletal Health Wellbeing Webinar presented by Osteopaths For Industry consultant Laurence Jones, Osteopath:
  • Looking after your back and neck at work
Musculoskeletal Health Wellbeing Webinar presented by Osteopaths For Industry consultant Emma McDonald, Physiotherapist:
  • Managing your musculoskeletal health while working from home
  • Future proof your wellbeing – Looking after your physical health in a seated role
  • Protect yourself against muscle aches & pains and back injury at work and at play!

Price and availability:

Our educational talks/webinars are priced from £495 to £595 + VAT per talk (depending on the speaker). Talks/webinars are up to 60 minutes duration.

Please get in touch with us or phone us now on 020 8398 9522.